Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eggplant and Avocado-Tomatillo Chicken

We ended up shopping at a different grocery store today a little farther from where we live. While we were in the produce section, I noticed that they carried three types of eggplants. The wicked ones (the big ones with yucky skin), baby eggplants, and an eggplant called the "graffiti" eggplant. Even though our initial plans for the week had not included eggplant, I was excited to do a side-by-side taste-test of two types of eggplants with this recipe, which was initially reviewed in an earlier blog entry.

Seared chicken with tomatillo-avocado salsa

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brie and Peach Quesadilla

Tonight, I made some quick and tasty Brie and Peach Quesadillas. Instead of eating 2/3 of one, as cooking light recommends as an appetizer, we had 1 each (so, close to 236 calories). This is a great, quick summer meal. Very light and tasty. I used light Brie in this, and used only the recommended amount. Tomorrow, I think I'm going to use a little more Brie -- the Brie in today's meal got overwhelmed by the peaches. By the way, the sauce that goes with this is a "must". The lime-honey (or in our case, lime-agave nectar) sauce adds a little life to the otherwise pretty solid quesadillas.

Brie and Peach Quesadilla

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Creme Fraiche Feast

In the past month, I have defended my dissertation, graduated from my PhD program, moved, begun my new job, and gone to a conference for my new job. Promise, I'm not slacking, I just haven't been focusing on creations for some time! Tonight, to celebrate the first day back on my healthy lifestyle (we hope!), I made the boy and I what turned out to be a 4-course meal. Two salads, a main dish, and a dessert. YUM! The following is the deliciousness that has been the past hour and 45 minutes (seriously, that's all the time it took to cook and eat four courses).

Seared peaches with balsamic reduction

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