Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pea soup with crab flan

Apparently I have a wealth of poorly lit food photos from meals I haven't yet shared! For the past year, I have slowly been trying to get myself to a place where I can eat seafood. I have spent the majority of my life thus far being too disturbed by seafood looking at me to eat it without a metric ton of cheese involved. So, when I saw this recipe for a pea soup with a crab flan, I knew I had to give it a shot.

Pea soup with crab flan
Each bowl of soup comes in at just under 200 calories. This definitely takes a longer time than most of my dishes to put together, so it is better for a weekend rather than a weekday meal. However, I found the pea soup a little -- well, soupy. I like my pea soup a little thicker, so I might mess around with the recipe a little next time to thicken it up. For example, I might skip the part where the whole soup is put in a blender. However, the taste was phenomenal. Delicious, with lots of different flavors. Add that to the decorative flan in the middle and you a fancy yet relatively simple dinner.

Pea soup with crab flan
Overall yum: 8
Ease of prep: 7.5
Comfort food: 7.5 (pea soup was always one of my favs)

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