Monday, February 11, 2013

Wedding: Ceremony Programs and Guest "Book"

For various wedding-related communications, I drew a bunch of pictures of the husband, the dogs, and I. Several of these went into our wedding invitations (which included some of husband's chain mail as well). Several went into our ceremony programs. I designed, and husband printed these ceremony programs, which featured a picture of the whole "family" (complete with my turquoise dress) on the front . . .

Wedding Ceremony Program Front
Photo Courtesy of Rabiah M.

And a picture of just our two sweet boys on the back . . .

Wedding Ceremony Program Back
Photo Courtesy of Rabiah M.
While we decided not to do a guest book, we did want to have a space for our guests to share their thoughts, hopes, and wishes with us. So, I decorated a shoe box with red wrapping paper and stickers, and cut a hole in the top for notes. Then, I made three different note templates with pictures of husband and I. These templates gave guests prompts, specifically, "I hope you both . . .", "Never forget" . . ., and of course, "When I was your age . . . " On "I hope you both," husband and I are pictured being lovey-dovey; on "Never forget," husband is being cuddled by our boys. And of course, on "When I was your age," I am pictured riding on a velociraptor. Because, you know, velociraptors. Boy, we got some fabulous well-wishes from these cards!!

Wedding Guest "book"/cards
Photo Courtesy of Rabiah M.

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