Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Brown Sugar Meringues

Ready for a failure? I thought that Hungry Girl's brown sugar meringues would be delicious, low calorie (25 calories a cookie??), and relatively simple to make. Alas, my dreams of yummy low-cal cookies were not to be realized. I guess I just am not yet on the right level to make meringues. After beating the "dough" for an inordinate amount of time, I finally got it to peak. However, I had to cook them way longer than 30 minutes, and even then, they were smooshy, not crisp. They tasted fine on day one, but the day after was a disaster. So, I figure I must have not beaten them well enough. I will probably not make these again, but I might someday try the "lighter lemon bars", also listed on that page. When I'm feeling brave again, that is!

Brown Sugar Meringues
Ease: 5
Taste: 3
Comfort: 4

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