Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Brie" Stuffed French Toast

Aromas in Williamsburg, VA, has a heart-stoppingly delicious breakfast: Brie stuffed french toast. Everything about it is delicious. The cheese: melted and gooey. The overall taste: sweet yet savory. The boy was even kind enough to run out of the hotel and bring some back for me when I developed a hankering the next day.

When we started eating healthfully, I knew I would have to make a slimmed down version of this dish. We started with brie, but when we found out that no grocery store near us carried light brie, we switched to Camembert. I think this actually was a great idea, because the Camembert has more flavor in and of itself. As such, it stands up better in a slimmed-down version of stuffed french toast.

Brie stuffed french toast

For one stuffed french toast:
2 slices of bread (40 calories a slice, I recommend either Weight Watchers or Wonder Light Wheat)
1/4 cup egg white
1/4 cup sugar-free syrup (15 calories for 1/4 cup, Vermont Sugar Free)
1 ounce Camembret (80 calories)
Vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, etc.

Total: 205 calories
1-2 servings of grain
1 serving of protein

To make the slop for the french toast, put the egg white into a shallow bowl. Add 1/8th of a cup of sugar-free syrup, then sprinkle whatever you want as extra flavor. I usually add vanilla and cinnamon, and then either ground ginger or ground cloves. Go crazy--but I would recommend sticking to savory/sweet spices.

Take your ounce of Camembret, squish it up, and put it evenly between the bread slices. Dip the cheese sandwich (let's be honest, here) in the egg-white-dip. Coat your pan with cooking spray, and cook over medium-low heat on each side. When it's ready to be flipped, it will stop sizzling gently, and your spatula will slide cleanly underneath. Top with the remaining 1/8th cup of syrup, and you're good to go!

If you want, you can switch out some of the low-calorie ingredients (e.g. sugar-free syrup) with less processed ones (e.g. pure maple syrup)--just adjust your calorie expectations accordingly!

This is one of our favorites, and regularly makes it into our breakfast rotation. The boy gives this breakfast 8 yums out of 10.


  1. Heart-stopping because you fall in love or heart-stopping for more cardiovascular reasons?

  2. I meant it in both ways--hence the need for a slimmed down version! :)

  3. A breakfast meal I love that I just had the other day... not complicated, but so delicious - BBQ cheddar omelettes.

    You don't see BBQ meat in omelettes much, but whenever we have leftover BBQ (last night it was beef brisket), I make an omelette with it the next morning - smokey BBQ sauce goes best with sharp cheddar cheese.

    I'm not sure why BBQ eggs haven't really caught on - you see it all the time on pizza now. Anyway - I recommend it.

  4. Oh, and I neglected to say earlier - Aroma's is God's gift to Williamsburg. Nice shout-out.

  5. Sounds great! Do you put in anything else, in addition to the BBQ and cheese?

    Yes, Aroma's is fantastic :) I figure I would not be doing a service to the eaters of the world if I didn't let them know about the delicious places that inspire me!


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