Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wontons with Citrus Soy Sauce

Sorry for the delay in posting. I've been swamped with interviews and getting my dissertation in to committee, so I have been taking less "me" time (oh no!). I've finally caught a break, so I wanted to share with you a delicious meal that the boy made for us a few weeks ago: wontons with citrus soy sauce. Technically, these were supposed to be gyoza, but our local grocery does not carry gyoza. Ah well, wontons work just fine.

Wontons with citrus soy sauce

For the most part I think these were fairly easy to make, although there is some prep time. I had a lot of fun teaching the boy to close the wontons--just moisten the edges and press together! This was a great dish to team assemble once it got to the part where we filled the wrappers. As you can see, we didn't go for pretty--we just tucked the "wings" of the wontons underneath to make sure they stayed together, since wonton wrappers are thinner than the gyoza that we ought to have been using.

These turned out delicious--the boy said they might be the best dumpling-type things he's ever had. We also got about 35 wontons out of this recipe, rather than the anticipated 28. Seven wontons and 2 tablespoons amazing sauce comes to 200 scrumptious calories.

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