Monday, February 20, 2012

Bead Embroidery

And now for something completely different (and, as per the usual, months old!) -- my first attempts at bead embroidery! I, as you may know, love shiny things with all of my heart. So, I decided to start making some through bead embroidery. My first attempt at this resulted in a pair of gloves intended as a present for a dear friend of ours.

Bead Embroidery on Gloves

I have no idea how long embroidering these gloves really took, as it took me at least a year to finish the project (loooong points of setting it down!). The butterfly's wings involve 4 different colors, and their bodies are just black. I learned SO much from this project. 1) Bead embroidery is super intensely hard. Even mostly using lazy stitch, the project was time consuming and pretty difficult to envision/carry out. 2) Don't ever embroider directly on your final product -- this leaves you with a MESS of threads on this inside -- which doesn't exactly look professional! 3) Always make your first project for a good friend, because they will love it simply for the effort -- even if you want to nitpick it apart!

All said, I'm glad I tried my hand at this. Maybe someday, I will do another project (probably for myself??). But first, I need to acquire more beads and get a more solid idea of what I would do.

Bead Embroidery on Gloves

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