Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pumpkin waffles

Our summer is busy, busy, busy as we are getting prepared for hub's law school and our subsequent transition into being expert hermits. So, we crammed a celebration for mother's day, father's day, dad's birthday, and my parents' anniversary into one weekend. First, we picked up their dog and house/dog/cat sat over Saturday and Sunday. Second, we arranged for tons of food on Sunday evening for a celebratory dinner. Hubacious got crabs to eat with dad, and I made breakfast plus lunch/snacks times roughly four. I took advantage of being at my parents' house by using an appliance they have but we do not: a waffle iron. And thus, pumpkin waffles came into delicious being.

Pumpkin waffles
The recipe, as you can see, claims to make 8 waffles at 255 calories per every two waffles. It also claims to use 1/4 cup of batter per waffle.

Pumpkin waffles

Lies, all lies! Obviously, photographic evidence lends credence to the argument that more than 1/4 cup is needed for a non-silly-looking waffle.

Pumpkin waffles

The correct amount, as I found, was 1/2 cup per waffle. So, you'll get around 4-5 waffles at about 255 calories per delicious waffle.

Pumpkin waffles

These waffles are light, nicely spiced, and naturally very flavorful. Still, don't go too light on the butter and maple syrup -- yum!

Ease: 8
Taste: 7
Comfort: 7

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