Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Black-eyed pea cakes

We're pretty much a meal = meat household. It can be especially difficult to convince the boy to eat a dinner that does not include some form of animal. However, we did find an incredibly delicious and easy recipe for black-eyed pea cakes that both of us adore.

Black-eyed pea cakes
We don't actually use adobo sauce--just adobo seasoning. Be careful, though, because using the seasoning can make these rather salty. Also, I highly recommend these with bleu cheese. Yum!

Another warning: These can be VERY sloppy to work with, due to how much liquid is in the recipe. You want to make sure to drain the peas extremely well. Even when particularly liquidy, they still cook up really nicely. I highly recommend these -- inexpensive, easy, and delicious!

Ease of prep: 9
Taste: 9
Comfort: 8.5 (weirdly soothing for peas)

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