Friday, September 9, 2011

Halibut meuniere

So apparently "they" are now recommending that we should be eating seafood two meals a week. Blegh, I am NOT a seafood fan. Not only am I terrified of food that looks at me (poor crablies! poor shrimpies!), but I generally do not love the taste of seafood and I'm nuts about sustainable fishing (for more on sustainable fishing, check out Monterey Bay -- great info!). That particular combination makes it brutally difficult to squeeze in seafood to my diet. For now, the boy and I have decided to try 2 meals a week, every other week, with seafood. We'll see how we do . . .

Halibut meuniere
This week, I picked one of the simplest recipes I could find--"Halibut Meuniere". As usual, I substituted New Mexico chile powder for the black pepper, and pink sea salt for the salt. I also used half fake, half real butter, and used Tilapia -- our local grocery store does not carry much in the way of fish! I was pretty skeptical about how this recipe would turn out, since it is so minimalist, but it was totally delicious. The chile powder and browned "butter" definitely didn't hurt! Delicious all around, and highly recommended for a quick weeknight meal.

Ease of prep: 9
Taste: 8.5
Comfort: 6.5

Low on comfort simply because, no matter how tasty this dish is, it's still fish and fish just isn't comfort food!

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