Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Even Is This

So I usually have recipes and photos on hold for weeks or even months before I take the time to write them up. I know this is a terrible policy, but I just struggle with finding the time to convey how truly delicious these dishes were. Today, I could not wait. Today, I am sharing a very "fresh" recipe with you: tonight's dinner. Why am I totally abandoning my general policy on this one? Because it isn't even finished yet (still cooking on the stove), and I already deeply, deeply regret making this dinner.

To begin with, it's important to know that I strongly dislike seafood. More accurately, I dislike eating anything that looks like it did when it was alive. It makes me feel oh, so guilty. Unfortunately, seafood tends to do this more than other meats. However, I've been reading a lot about how seafood is super good for you and how you should have 2 meals a week that incorporate it. As I believe I've written before, we aim for 2 meals every other week. Well, this week, I attempted to make dill-salmon croquettes with horseradish sauce. I figured, hey, I love dill and also horseradish, so how bad can it be? Little did I know, horror lurked secretly in the primary ingrediant.

dill-salmon croquettes with horseradish sauce
Why are there spines in canned salmon? Seriously? Why are there tiny, sad little vertebrae? I did not need that. Also, while I commend using all parts of a meat, I did not need to know that you essentially just chucked whole salmon into a grinder. Yuck. Of course, I've removed the bones, but I will know while I'm eating that the horror awaits. I am considering not telling the boy that the secret ingredient is SPINES until after he is finished eating. Mwah ha ha.

Okay, we're eating now. It tastes fine -- actually quite good -- but I still will never make this recipe again, unless I cook and mush up the salmon myself. I mean, spines. Final verdict: Salmon fail.

Other notes on the recipe, if you're less terrified of spines than I am: These clock in at 193 calories a piece. Also, I totally skipped the egg whites and lemon, partially due to laziness, and partially due to taste. And, as always, I substituted New Mexican chile powder for the pepper.

Ease of prep: 6 (dinged for the horror of the vertebrae)
Comfort: 1 (SPINESSSSS)

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