Monday, November 28, 2011

Maple-Orange Chicken

Chicken, as we all probably know by now, is our go-to weeknight food. Generally, I'm tired, lazy, and unmotivated by dinner time, so the faster the recipe -- and the fewer the ingredients -- the more likely I am to make the dish. So, it should be no surprise that maple-orange chicken was destined for our table sooner or later.

Maple-Orange Chicken
As with most of my preferred recipes, this was both crazy easy and crazy delicious. I used half real maple syrup and half of the sugar-free stuff we have around the house, and skipped the orange rind (again, lazy). Delicious and easy, hooray! These come in at about 233 calories a serving -- or slightly fewer if you replace part of the maple syrup with one that is lower calorie, or if you go for 4 ounce breasts rather than 6 (as we tend to).

Ease of prep: 9
Taste: 8.5
Comfort: 7.5

Maple-Orange Chicken

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