Sunday, January 1, 2012


Given that I apparently completely skipped December, it shouldn't be too surprising to learn that I have a huge backlog of food and crafts to share with you. So, we're going to kick off the New Year with a several-month old event: Our Halloween party!

Carrot fingers

First, we had carrot "fingers" -- baby carrots, cut in half, with a touch of cream cheese holding an almond "nail" on the tip. Tasty and creepy! We also had a stack of bowls holding bread, mozzarella slices, and salsa (a standard at almost any party we host).
Caprese with a salsa twist

Naturally, with vegetables taken care of, we needed some kind of fruit dish. Here, we chose to make a pumpkin dip with apple slices. This part of the snack-food feast ended up being one of the biggest -- if not the biggest -- hits at the party. Everyone loved it, and it was super easy to put together.

Pumpkin dip

Obviously, libations were required as well. We mixed up a harvest punch, which ended up being a too sour for me (at least one guest would disagree!). I added more fruit juice to taste. The punch was pretty tasty -- maybe a 6? -- but I'm not sure it would be my first choice for future Halloween parties.

Harvest Punch

Naturally, dessert was required as well. I made miniature cupcakes (just from a mix -- nothing special) and put spider webs and spiders on top with icing. Delicious and precious!

Last, as the picture below shows, we made miniature hot-dogs wrapped in dough. Easy, delicious, and practically a tradition at holiday meals in my family.

All said, a delicious time was had by all. Moreover, the food was generally easy to put together, involved few ingredients, and I was able to make much of it earlier in the day or the day before. Success!

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