Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thanksgiving - Breakfast

As I am chronically behind on sharing recipes, it should come as no surprise to readers that I am (not yet two months late!) getting around to sharing Thanksgiving. My ever fabulous sister and I cooked Thanksgiving breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert again this year. Today, we'll review breakfast.


Thanksgiving breakfast this year actually came in several stages due to my total inability to read all the way through recipes. First -- as some of us (myself included) need protein with breakfast OR ELSE -- we began with an omelet. Some also indulged in a little sausage and potatoes. My sister is Queen of omelets, and produced another miracle of vegetables, cheese, and eggs. While I began working on the second part of breakfast, we all partook in a lovely sparking blood-orange "mimosa". Beautiful and delicious!

Blood-orange mimosa

Our big breakfast surprise this year was pumpkin cinnamon rolls from a great blog I follow. These rolls apparently have to rise, and I didn't catch that on the first read-through of the recipe--for some reason, the fact that they use yeast didn't tip me off. So, we ended up having breakfast, take two, several hours after the omelets. And oh man, were they worth the wait.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Rolling these suckers out, then rolling them back up was pretty difficult. The dough was very soft and yielding, which made it lose its shape throughout the process. Regardless, the result was delicious . . . and oh, so buttery. These were a big hit -- who knows, they may return next year!

Ease of prep: 6
Taste: 10
Comfort: 10

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

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