Friday, January 25, 2013

Wedding Outdoor Signs

Weddings are incredibly expensive. I didn't realize exactly how expensive they are until my husband and I began planning our own. Keeping costs down was difficult, but ultimately rewarding: instead of spending money, we opted as much as possible to spend time. As you already know, my friend and I baked the cupcakes for the wedding, and I also made some corn muffins for dinner. In addition to food, however, the husband and I also made most of the decorations. The wedding felt really intimate and really "us" as a result!

My parents live in the middle of the woods -- a perfect place to gather materials for sign-making. My dad and husband bonded over cutting and assembling the signs we had outside the mill on our wedding day. Then, my husband and I each painted our own sign. Mine? Beware of Bride, of course!

Wedding sign, Beware of Bride, DIY
Photo Credit: Dad

My husband made a groom crossing sign, with an octopus chasing the groom. These ended up being an enormous amount of fun to pose with for photos.

Wedding groom crossing sign, DIY
Photo Credit: Dad

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  1. Very creative! I was actually thinking about getting some outdoor electronic signs in Tallahassee, FL to propose to my wife. Maybe I could do this too!


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