Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thanksgiving - Breakfast

By now you all know that my family knows how to rock out Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving 2011 was exhausting -- my sister and I were on our feet all day. We cooked so much for Thanksgiving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert last year that we didn't get any time just to spend with our family. This year, we wanted to spend more time with our family, and consequently went for much, much easier recipes. Let's begin this Thanksgiving review with our fast and delicious breakfast, cooked entirely by my sister while I took the role of sous-chef.

Pancakes and eggs

Everyone in my family -- with the exception of my mom -- is an egg fiend. So, like Thanksgiving 2011 and 2010, we scrounged up some veggies and some eggs and made a lovely scramble. My sister served up a beautiful southwestern scramble with salsa and sour cream. Since my mom is not as much into eggs, however, she also had to whip up a nice carbohydrate: pumpkin waffles courtesy of Williams-Sonoma.

Champagne cocktail

Finally, because we know how to do it right, we launched off Thanksgiving with a lovely champagne and creme de violette cocktail. Bliss!

I forgot to note that we also had some fruit to round out breakfast with the final food group (the scramble took care of dairy, protein, and veggies). How's that for a sort-of balanced breakfast?


  1. And I can attest it was all quite yummy :)

  2. Me too -- I do love Thanksgiving food . . . stay tuned for lunch and dinner!


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