Sunday, April 22, 2012

Goat Liver Curry

We recently signed up for bi-weekly delivery from a nearby dairy. They sell happy chicken eggs, happy cow milk, happy cow cheese, and lots of happy animal meats. While browsing through their happy animal meats, I found something that I knew I had to try: Goat organs. I've never eaten organs before -- except in pate -- and I've been on a mission to be brave and eat foods that scare me. I even started eating shrimp, scallops, and mussels in the past year. Ridiculous, I know, but it's a big step for me. I figured, since I love goat cheese, surely I will also love goat organs, right? Flawless logic. So, our goat organ exploration began today with goat liver curry.

Goat liver curry

As always, I accidentally lightly cooked parts of the liver by over-defrosting it before the first step. And man, I am glad that the recipe calls for the liver to be soaked for 4 hours in strong-smelling lime juice because uncooked liver STINKS. A kind of coppery smell, which I suppose makes sense, but is still a little more gross than what I'm used to (fairly scent-less chicken). The smell so intimidated me that I was compelled to soak the liver in the juice of 6 limes, not just one. Also? Turns out liver just doesn't look like muscle meats. It kind of has . . . little air pockets here and there. I was a little freaked out cutting it up because I am such a sissy, but I muscled . . . erm, livered . . . through.

Goat liver curry

I made a few replacements in the recipe, based on what we had already on hand. Spinach instead of kale, and sesame seed oil instead of coconut oil. I figured the liver would scare me enough that these replacements wouldn't really affect my evaluation in any way. I also put in peas because peas are comforting. Sensing a pattern?

Goat liver curry

So finally, 5 hours after I started this process, I mustered up the courage for a bite. And? The taste is pretty okay, if you ignore the aftertaste and texture -- thanks to the curry mostly. There is a bit of that goat cheese taste on the front. Unfortunately, there is also this weird, kind of unpleasant, sort of coppery aftertaste, and the texture is just . . . weird.  The cooked liver looks so much like meat that you think it'll have a similar texture, but instead it is kind of crumbly and thick. Just a weird, kind of unpleasant mouth-feel. Things I will probably not make again? Goat liver. But, really glad I tried it. Now at least I know what organs taste like -- hooray?

Ease: 6 (due to my own squeamishness, mostly)
Taste: 3 (Sorry, freak-out factor hit me on this one)
Comfort: 2 (I mean, liver is just not a comfort food for me)

Those of you who like organ meat: Your personal ratings might be much higher. I just have a really high squeamishness factor that makes this sort of thing hard for me.


  1. This was also my first time trying organ meat, but Dr. J sells herself short on this one - I quite liked it! The aftertaste is definitely there, but in a curry both the texture and flavor of the liver is altered nicely. Maybe some stronger spices and additional side-components of the vegetable persuasion might make the dish more appeasing!

    In any case, I'm looking forward to another bowl of goat liver curry for dinner tonight!

    1. You are definitely more kind to myself and this dish than I! I am still not convinced, but might give it another nibble tomorrow. I also might cut up the liver even smaller next time -- if there is a next time -- maybe the texture won't freak me out as much if the pieces are too tiny to over-crumble!


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