Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Woodsy Outfit -- Chain mail and leather

Let's mix it up for a change, shall we? Today, I'm sharing some leather and chain maille that the boy made for me. I really love shiny things, so I occasionally request that my terribly talented husband-to-be make me something pretty to wear. In the past year, I started craving a "woodsy" outfit with a hard leather corset. And my goodness, did he ever deliver.

Woods leather bracers

The above photo shows the arm pieces and skirt for this outfit. The skirt is several deer hides sewn together -- soooo soft. The arm pieces are leather bracers with a decorative paper on the back and leather and scale maille leaves as decoration.

The hard leather corset is probably my favorite part of the whole outfit. The boy fancied up the corset with a number of gorgeous details: scale maille leaves, a leather tree in the center, and more decorative paper as an accent. Not only is the end result just lovely, it is also surprisingly comfortable.

Woods leather corset

Woods leather corset

To top off the outfit, he made me some lovely chain maille jewelry, including two chain- and scale maille necklaces, chain- and scale maille earrings. I also often pair this outfit with a copper headdress and/or a full copper choker, which, unlike the rest of the outfit, are approximately 3 years old -- two of the first chain maille pieces he ever made for me!

Chain maille necklace and headdress

Chain and scale maille necklace and earrings

He is so talented!

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