Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Duck and Cherries for the Win

I'm back and more married than ever! The wedding was lovely and the honeymoon was fantastic, as most such events tend to go. Very exciting all around, but I'm glad to be back and eating healthy again.

Food facts of life: Everything is super delicious in tortillas. Also, cherries make everything delicious. Finally, duck? Also delicious. Noticing a theme? Combine the three and you have a three-ingredient nom-fest that is classy, simple, and not too terribly unhealthy.

Cherry duck burrito
1. 1 duck breast
2. 1/4-1/2 cup cherry preserves (to taste)
3. 4 tortillas

1. Coat a pan with cooking spray and heat up on medium-high.
2. Cut duck breast into small, bite-sized pieces, saute over medium-high heat until cooked half-through (about 3-5 minutes), stirring occasionally.
3. Put 1/4 cup cherry preserves in pan, saute duck until cooked through and preserves are slightly sticky (another 3-5 minutes), stirring frequently. Add up to 1/4 cup extra preserves during this process to increase juiciness and make sweeter as desired.
4. Divide mixture into four parts, put in tortillas and roll up. Pan-grill tortillas until crispy if desired. Eat like crazy!

Unsolicited duck-meat pro-tip: Depending on your desire for flavor versus fat, consider removing the fatty skin of the duck breast. Leave it on, and it will be more tender. Take it off, and you'll have fewer calories.

Each tortilla will clock in at around 250 calories if you use low-calorie, high-fiber, delicious tortillas. These are an awesome, easy weeknight meal!

Taste: 8.5
Ease of prep: 8.75
Comfort: 7.75

Cherry duck burrito

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