Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Octopi are Awesome

Hubs has a habit of making me pretty shiny things to ensure that I attend Renn Faires with him. Earlier this year, while I was making the octopus hat, he had a brilliant idea -- to make me a matching octopus hard corset as a birthday present. Brilliant!

Leather octopus corset

For the octopus corset, hubs used a slightly thinner leather than he used for the woodsy corset, and it is noticeable! The corset was super comfortable, and the little tentacles (removable!) are sooooo cute. The best part of this? Hubs knows I particularly love giant pacific octopi, so he made the corset and matching bracers in pacific octopus colors. Hooray!

Octopus fun facts: Did you know? The word "octopus" has three acceptable plural forms. Octopuses, which is the most Americanized version, is one of those. The other two are derived from Latin. As "octopus" ends with a -us, most people think that it is a 2nd declension noun, leading to the second acceptable plural form: Octopi. However, octopus is actually a 5th declension noun, so the awesomest final acceptable plural is "Octopodes". Now you know!

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