Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Roasted Salmon with Leeks

This recipe for roasted salmon with caramelized leeks was my first experience working with leeks. By the way? Leeks, while quite dirty (split those suckers and wash them thoroughly), are absolutely delicious. They are like onions-light, and are absolutely addictive caramelized. Now that I have experienced the deliciousness that is leeks, I sometimes get leek cravings and wish I could have a whole bowl of caramelized leeks. That's how good they are. Seriously.

Roasted salmon with leeks
So, obviously, this recipe was delicious. At 320 calories a serving, however, it's higher in calories than I generally prefer my protein sources. And, since the flavor and tastiness was largely attributable to the caramelized leeks, it's unlikely that we'll make this again as salmon-and-leeks. Leeks-and-leeks, though? Heck, yes.

Ease: 8
Taste: 8.5
Comfort: 6.5

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